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2. Persistence

Feeling the air being squeezed from her body she shut her eyes tightly and fought back as best she could. It was no use though, his whole body pressed up against hers was too strong a force.

"Jason you're really hurting me!" She stopped moving enough to let her words be audible.

"Lemme kiss you and I'll stop." His words echoing in her ears made her shiver. Not in a good way either.

"I already told you no twice! Now get off of me!"

"Aight, you want it the hard way." He pressed into her more forcefully before looking around. Nobody could see or hear them and the street was empty. Or so he thought.

"Jason, please! Please let go!" Her yells had now turned to pleas as he gripped her arm tightly and pulled it up further behind her back. Continuing to ignore her cries of pain.

"Let me grab you properly and I'll let'chu go, Nicki. It ain't that difficult." She could hear in his voice that he was breathing in short pants, the result of his body trying to keep her still against the wall. The bricks were grazing into the skin on her chest, neck and face as she kept on struggling. "You gon' let me?"

"Not in a mil-" She couldn't complete her stilted sentence before the pressure was released. Turning around instantly she leant against the wall in fear. Her eyes followed his body as he was thrown to floor.

"Get away from her!" The stranger's voice made her look at him instantly and from then on she couldn't pull her gaze from his frame.

"The fuck you think you're doing?!" Jason spat his words out fiercely but the guy stood before him did nothing but laugh. "You think this is funny?!" Charging at him speedily, Nicki gasped once again as the mysterious figure restrained him.

"I'm not playin'. Now get outta here." With one forceful shove Jason hit the ground again and scrambled to his feet quickly.

"Y'ain't heard the last of this." His shouting made Nicki flinch before he turned back to her. "And you! I'll have your hand whether you like it or not! Just watch." Smirking with a sickening look on his face he gave them both a stern look before walking away. His pride was damaged, it was obvious.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." She shrugged her shawl back up over her shoulders and remained where she was. "Thank you, for makin' him leave." He nodded politely as a way of saying You're welcome and stepped closer towards her. Only stopping when he saw her body tense up. "Look, I really have to go." She frowned  and glimpsed at the ground for a quick second before turning away.

"Wait! I ain't even catch your name." He held her forearm lightly as he spoke but she quickly snatched away from him. "I'm not gonna hurt you y'know?"

"I know. I just don't know where your hands have been." Her face only became more harsh when he laughed, thinking she was joking.

"Oh, you're not kidding?"

"No." She kept her face straight with each word being said. "Thanks for chasin' him off but I gotta go. He ain't gonna get in shit for what he did, but me? I'mma get my name dragged through the mud for talkin' to someone like you." She shook her head. "Goodbye, stranger."

"Woah, wait!" Stopping her again he furrowed his brow and pointed to his chest. "Someone like me? The hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Y'know? A Gorger? Non-traveler folk?" She shook her head. "You're gonna get me in a lotta trouble, sir."

"So you're a traveler?" He kept on following her as she walked.


"You live on the site 'round the corner?"

"That's none of your business."

"I'mma take that as a yes then. I'll walk you home."

"No you won't. I already got a ride."

"Seriously? You drove here from like, ten minutes down the road?"

"It's my brother's weddin'. We all came in cars, dumbass."

"My bad." He chuckled softly at her attitude. "You look really nice by the way. Your boyfriend obviously has no idea how lucky he is."

"Boyfriend?" She scoffed lightly, trying to hide her smile as he continued to trail behind her. "Jason is not my boyfriend! I'd sooner cut off my own arm than marry him."

"So you're single?" His question had barely left his mouth when she turned around quickly.

"Look, I said thank you and acted nice with you but I really need to go." She stared him dead in the eye before taking a step back and turning to walk away.

He stood there and watched her disappear around the corner, mentally kicking himself for not getting her name. His first encounter hadn't been completely useless however, he did know where she lived. He smiled to himself and started walking back in the direction he came from, planning for his next run-in with this mystery girl.


"You have any idea how humiliating this is?" Her Mother's words were so sharp they almost penetrated her ears.

"I already told you! He was just helping me out, Ma!"

"I don't care what he was doing! Do you not think we've been through enough? And all of that has finally blown over and now here you are causing more trouble for us!"

"You're. Not. Listening." She swept her hair away from her face and exhaled steadily. "He thought Jason was hurting me, he was passing by and helped me! Thank God he did."

"You're not to leave this caravan park without mine or your Father's permission. Is that understood?"

"Yes ma'am." She lowered her voice, knowing she wasn't going to win the argument. It had been burning on for almost an hour now.

"Good and when you're finished sulking the washing needs putting out and you can dress your brother." Her Mother didn't stick around for a response as she ripped her washing up gloves off and put them on the drainer before laving the caravan. She knew Jason would have returned home telling tales about her. She hated that. Nobody seemed to care about the bruises she'd sustained during his little attack last night, yet she exchanged a few words with a stranger and she's the bad guy. As she continued to think on it she felt the anger coming out in how she marched over to the washing line and pegged up the clothes roughly, scowling at everyone and everything.

"Nika? Mommy said you had to-"

"One minute Cai. Can't you see I'm busy?" She huffed and carried on with her duty, leaving her younger brother to sit down quietly on an upturned washing basket with his clothes clutched in his tiny hands. As soon as she was done she turned to look at him. His eyes were fixed to the ground miserably, instantly making her feel bad. "C'mon, we'll get you sorted in Lani's trailer." Holding her hand out for him he eagerly latched on and trailed along side her. "Where you goin' anyhow?"

"Daddy's takin' us to a Gypsy fair." He increased the volume of his voice as he climbed the steps to Jelani's caravan and entered ahead of Nicki.

"Who else is goin'?" Her brow wrinkled in thought as she picked him up and sat him on the kitchen counter before proceeding to undress him.

"Mama, Lani, Tay and Daddy." He listed them off one by one on his fingers. "And everyone else."


"Yeah but it's okay Nika I'm bringin' a present home for you." His eyes fixed on to hers momentarily before he snatched his attention down to his feet whilst she started putting his socks on.

"Did Daddy say I wasn't allowed to go?"

"Mhm." He nodded sadly and stuck his thumb in his mouth.

"Stop doin' that, you're gon' end up lookin' like a rabbit." Pulling at his wrist firmly he let his hand rest by his side again.

"He said you were doing bad things." He widened his eyes as she picked him up and placed him down again.

"Did he now?"

"Yeah, I said you weren't though." She smiled at him and watched him step steadily down the stairs of the caravan whilst she locked up.

"You better get over there then, before they leave without you." His worried little face made her giggle, his legs carrying him as fast as he could towards their trailer. The outfit he was wearing made her cringe, why'd they have to dress him like that? It was completely beyond her, she was just thankful she wasn't made to dress like that anymore.


"Done." Sighing aloud she crossed off her last chore from the list her parents left her and sat back in the kitchen chair. It was almost five and nearly everyone in her community was still at the fair. Probably all having a good time without her. Stealing a glance out of the window she let a profanity escape her lips when she caught sight of the washing thrashing about in the wind. She thought she'd have learnt by now, but every time she would forget about it. She reached the laundry just in time as she began to feel tiny specks of rain landing on her skin.

"Need a hand?"

"What the?!" She jumped back and shut her eyes slowly, trying to regain her composure. "You scared the shit outta me!"

"My bad." His smirk became more visible as he neared the crack in the fencing. Watching her intently. She'd speeded up in movement, snatching each piece of clothing roughly from the pegs and dumping them in the basket. She could fold them inside and away from this creepy stranger.

"You shouldn't be here. You already got me in shit because of yesterday." She spoke angrily.

"What I do?"

"I'm not s'posed to be associatin' with you. Now could you please leave?" She finished attacking the laundry and had it all piled in the basket with it skilfully balanced on her hip. Her face softened when she turned to meet his gaze. He was the definition of perfect. Aside from the fact that he was a Gorger.

"I just wanna know your name, is that so wrong?"


"It's the least you could do in return." She'd started walking away at that point but stopped suddenly and turned to face him again.

"Excuse me?"

"I pulled that nigga off of you yesterday. Saved ya life." Nodding cockily he smiled at her growing frustration.

"Yeah and I thanked you for that already." There was silence as he tried to think of a clever retort. But he couldn't.

"I'm Drake by the way." The outstretched hand reaching through the fence remained motionless, waiting for her to shake it.

"And I'm not interested." She lied with her back now facing him as she started walking away but his shouting was still very much audible.

"Well I'll be here tomorrow! And the day after! And then the day after-"

"It's Onika! Now will you leave me the fuck alone?!" Her angry words were finalised by the slamming of their caravan door. The smile creeping across his face displayed his accomplishment. He'd never seen or met anyone like her before. She was different but in a good way. Leaning away from the fence he walked away, happy with today's achievements.


*Okay, I reeeeaaaally, reeeeeaaaally hated this whole chapter but oh well. I think I already stated that this will only be about 3 or 4 chapters long, so it's almost finished anyway lol Thanku to those who commented on the first chapter :) I hope this was okay for you though and once again, I'm not a gypsy expert so there will be tonnes of errors and stuff! Also I'm gonna ask extremely kindly for 8 comments before I continue? Uni is starting next week and having an indication as to when I should post makes things easier for me :)*

OH and Sweet Dreams should be updated tomorrow, hopefully :/ haha


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