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4. Escape Plan?

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Laying under his sheets together, they were both running through their own separate thoughts. She knew things were moving at a fast pace but this all felt so right to her. The same went for him too. He'd never experienced this type of connection with any other girl before. She was different. They'd been seeing one another for almost five weeks now and nobody in Nicki's community was aware of her activities outside the site. Except for Taylor that is.

Letting her know what was going through his mind he leant down and let his lips graze the skin on her neck. They were still wearing their underwear, things hadn't got that far yet but they both wanted it to happen soon. Neither one of them knew how exactly to initiate it though. She didn't want to seem like an eager virgin and he didn't want to be the douche that pressured her into doing something she wasn't comfortable with.

"Don't mess up my neck. I'm not wearin' a scarf all week like last time." She laughed and moved so she was laying on top of him.

"So you'd rather miss out on that feelin' and not wear a scarf?"

"No, but if anyone notices then I'm in deep shit."

"Do I not get a say in this?"

"Nope." Moving in on him she fixed his sulky face when she kissed him slowly. His hands automatically took their rightful place on her lower back area but they didn't stop there for long as he deepened the kiss and moved his palms down to her ass. He squeezed at her gently and upon receiving a moan in return he did it again but more firmly. She hadn't even noticed that her body had fallen into a natural grinding rhythm as she moved on top of him. His actions had instigated something neither of them wanted to stop. This became even more evident when she could feel how excited he was. Her centre was rubbing over his boxers, causing a kind of friction that he didn't want to disturb.

"Mm, wait." He pulled away slowly and touched her cheek. "Are you sure about this?"

"Of course. Are you?"

"I've never been more sure about anythin' in my life." He kissed her again only this time she pulled away and broke the contact.

"You have a condom?"

"Top drawer in my dresser." He licked his lips and watched her get off of him. Her body was seriously a work of art. He could have sat and admired her curves forever. He felt like he shouldn't even blink in case he missed anything. That thought was reinforced when she reached her hand up behind herself and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor as she made her way back over to him with the gold packet. She had no idea where this new bout of confidence was coming from but she liked it. That feeling only grew stronger when she clocked his eyes which were fixed to her naked chest as she climbed back on top of him. She was more than grateful for Taylor's "older sister" talk she'd given her only days ago. Otherwise she wouldn't have had the faintest idea about what she was doing.

"You want me to put it on?" Her whispered words sent shivers down his spine, her mouth only millimeteres away from his ear before she tugged at his lobe with her teeth. He didn't even get chance to answer before he felt her hand rubbing at his member through his underwear. She removed them in seconds. Her long nails raking them down his legs before she became acquainted with what she could only describe as a God given gift. Rolling the condom on gently, she once again resumed her position on top of him but the tables turned when he flipped her on to her back in one fluid movement. From then on he was in control, kissing all over her as she allowed herself to enjoy this new feeling.

He tore his lips away from her breast for only a second to talk. "You look amazing."

She merely moaned in response before his mouth was on her skin again. She'd never felt so connected to another person the way she was to him. Continuing to breathe heavily, she shifted her legs as he spread them apart. Watching in anticipation as he slid her underwear down slowly.

"Oh my God." Throwing her head back the instant his mouth was on her, she immediately ran her hands through his short curls. "Uh, Aubrey, that feels so good." She licked her lips, her eyes shut as she moved slowly against his tongue. He left no area untouched. Gliding the thick muscle in his mouth across her folds every which way before he dipped it in without warning. Thankfully the house was empty since his Mom was working a night shift so Nicki's loud moans of pleasure were for his ears only.

He continued to please her the way he was until the pleasure built up and came to a head. He'll never forget how perfect she looked as she climaxed, his actions gradually leading her to an unmatched feeling of ecstasy as she experience her first orgasm. And that was just the start of their introductory sexual encounter.

"Are you sure you're ready? Y'know, I don't mind waitin'?" He was resting above her, ready to penetrate but he wanted to be sure first.

"I'm positive." She nodded nervously and rubbed his chest before smoothing her hands back to his ribs. "I'm ready."

"It's gonna hurt, y'know?"

"I know." Her breath was jittery as she exhaled. "But I'm sure this is what I want."

She didn't need to say anymore before she could feel him at her opening, the pressure was immensely painful as he eased himself in slowly. His eyes were fixed on her face, waiting for some sort of indication that she was in pain. And there it was. Her face wrinkled up and she shut her eyes tightly causing him to slow down his movement straight away. Kissing her face and neck sympathetically he came to a complete stop. Her skin was damp and he knew she was crying but they were almost there. Slowly restarting his movement he didn't stop again until she'd taken in nearly every inch of him. He figured stopping and starting might just prolong the pain. That very same pain slowly diminished and was soon replaced by pleasure as he began stroking in and out of her gently. She wasn't really feeling it at first, he could tell by the way she stayed rigid but after a few soft strokes she started to enjoy it. Her hips moved naturally with the rhythm he'd initiated, he never sped up the act. Just keeping it slow and sensual as he guided her to her first penetrative climax.


"You're the only girl that's ever made me feel this way, I hope you know that." His voice sent vibrations through her head as he spoke with his chin resting on her hair. Her mind was still stuck on their earlier encounter.

"Do you really mean that? Or are you just sayin' it?" She pulled out of his arms gently and sat upright to look him in the eye. Everything about him was perfect.

"I mean every word, Onika."

"We're just wary of you non-travellers. You might be takin' advantage."

"You really think I'd do that?"

"Not anymore." She bit her lip nervously. "I mean, I did wonder at first but I-"

"You still agreed to meet me anyway, why?"

She remained silent for a few seconds. "I was curious."

"Anyone ever tell you about the cat that got too curious?" He smirked when her face turned into a worried frown.

"No, what happened to it?"

He laughed. "It's just a sayin'."

"Oh, right." Blushing intensely she looked down and played with fray on her denim shorts. They'd got dressed as soon as they heard his Mom return home from work.

"Hey, don't be embarrassed." He pulled her chin up gently as he moved closer to her. "It's a dumb story anyway." He finished his sentence with a kiss. "You bring a jacket with you? It's cold outside."

"No, why? Where are we goin'?" She watched him stand up and grab his phone.

"I'm starvin', you wanna go get some food?"

"At midnight? Where are we gonna go eat at midnight?" She laughed before hopping off of the bed too.

"I know a few good places, c'mon we'll go eat and then I'll walk you home. Put this on." He tossed a hoody her way and waited for her to put it on before leading her outside.

"Is it a long walk?" She quickened her pace to keep up with him as she reached out for his hand. It felt so big and warm in comparison to hers.

"No, just a couple minutes. You warm enough?"

He stared down at her as she nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine."

It was just the little things she did that had him thinking about her twenty-four-seven. Her smile. Her dimples. Her laugh. Her everything pretty much. He was head over heels and he'd only just realised.

"What?" She smiled nervously, noticing he kept looking at her as they walked.

"Nothin'." He laughed and pulled her closer to himself. He never wanted to let go.

He wasn't lying when he said the food place was close by. It was an Italian pizza place that was open pretty much all night and all day. Apart from an older looking man, they were the only people sat inside.

"You chosen what you want yet?"

"Uhm, no. Not yet." The panic was undetectable in her voice but she was freaking out. The words on the menu were all jumping out at her and she had no idea what any of them meant. The only thing she could actually read was Pizza and that wasn't so helpful at the moment. "What are you havin'?

"Maybe I'll just have a Margarita pizza." He folded his lips as he thought. "Yeah, I'm decided." Folding his menu closed he set it down and looked at her. "You see anythin' you like?"

"I'll just have the same as you."

"You like all the toppin's on that one?"

"What's on it?"

"I can't remember exactly." He frowned. "Check the menu, it's on the far left of the page."

He watched her as she struggled to pinpoint the word Margarita on the list of words in front of her.

"You want some help findin' it?"

"Please." She handed it over to him. This was so embarrassing.

"Here, it's got tomatoes, basil and mozeralla. You like all of them?"

"Yeah, thanks."

"No worries." He smiled and folded her menu before going to order their food. He'd recognised her obvious struggle with reading many times before but didn't want to draw attention to it.


"I wish I could see you more often than twice a week."

"Me too." She admitted.

"And it's not like you even live that far away. Not in person anyway." He kept on walking, they were almost back at her site.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, in reality you live so close but I feel like we live in two separate worlds. Everythin' is so different for you." They stopped walking once reaching the crack in the fence. It was slowly becoming the shabby entrance to the life she'd rather be living.

"I know. It's crazy but there's nothin' we can do about it." She looked down sadly as he rested his hands on her waist. She was playing with a button on his shirt but stopped when she looked up at him.

"It doesn't have to be this way though."

"What are you sayin'?" Her eyebrows scrunched together curiously.

"If I move out you could come with me, nobody even would have to know."

"Aubrey." She pulled away and looked down. "I can't just run away, that's not gon' fix anythin'."

"Who said anythin' 'bout fixin' things. I wanna be with you, properly. Not just some late night sneakin' out shit." He stopped to catch his breath in the cold air. "I love you, Nicki."

Those three words had her frozen on the spot. She didn't even know what to say back. Her heart was screaming the words back at him through her chest but her mouth refused them to be spoken.

"Nicki?" The raspy voice snatched her attention his way. It was Jason. "I knew it." He shook his head, a sick smile creeping across his face. "All along I knew you was foolin' around with this nigga."

"The fuck you talkin' to?" Drake stepped forward as Nicki tried to pull him back. She already knew this was going to end badly.

"You better watch your fuckin' mouth."

"Or what?" He smirked before squaring up to him. "Go back inside, Nic."

"I'm not going anywhere, Aubrey-"

"Please, just do as I say."

"Listen to your boy, Onika. We wouldn't want you to see him get his ass beat now would we?"

"Aubrey." She blocked Jason's twisted words out as she stared pleadingly at Drake. "You don't know what he's like. What he's capable of. Please, for me would you just leave it?"

"No. Somebody needs to teach his cocky ass a lesson, Nic."

"Well, let someone else do it!"

"Please just go inside? I'll see you later." He kissed her softly and turned his attention back to Jason as her temper reached boiling point. He was too stubborn and she knew he wouldn't back down. Snatching his hoody off of her frame she threw it down by his feet and stepped back.

"Don't say I didn't warn you." She shook her head tearfully and pushed her way back through the fence.

What happened next was more than a wake up call. She should have listened to her conscience instead of silencing it. Jason's friends were out there too, lurking about just waiting for trouble. Stopping dead in her tracks she hovered on the spot as she pondered whether or not to go back to him. She could definitely hear a scuffle going on but what could she possibly do about it? The Gypsy boys were all accustomed to bare-knuckle brawls. It was part of their upbringing. The way they were raised. There's no way they'd show Drake any mercy. Moving forward slowly she bit her lip. She felt so torn but hearing what sounded like fists making contact with his body she took a huge gamble.

She felt like she'd never run so fast in her life, pelting up the steps to her brother's trailer and knocking continuously on his door. She just hoped he'd help.


"He put up good fight, that's for sure." Jelani's voiced boomed through his aching head. He didn't remember what happened or even where he was but he could feel her hand clutching his.

"So, he's okay?" She sniffled.

"For now. I'ont know what'll happen when Dad finds out about him." Sitting down at the table he rested his chin on his fists. She and Taylor could tell he was sitting on his anger. "The fuck do you think you're plain' at, Nic? How long has this been goin' on?" His nostrils flared.

"Look, Lani, maybe we should just leave this to Carol and Robert? She doesn't need the grief from you too." She rubbed his shoulder soothingly in an attempt to calm him.

"I thought you were smarter than this, Nic. I really did." Looking down disappointedly he stood and took himself back to their room, slamming the door behind him. Her tears only started pouring when she knew he was gone.

"Go on, you can say it. I know you want to."

"Say what?" Taylor asked as she took Jelani's seat.

"I told you so."

"I'm not gonna say it, Nicki." She rubbed her arm. "I'm just sorry things turned out this way."

"I can't keep doin' this." Shaking her head miserably she kept hold of Drake's fingers and wiped at her tears with her free hand. "I'm so sick of living my life the way everyone else wants me to live it. I'm not doin' it no more."

"Don't talk like that." The pitiful look she gave her was another reason for her to leave.

"I'm bein' serious Tay. I'm done."

"So, what? You're just gonna leave?" She laughed a little before turning more serious. "Oh my God, you are aren't you?"

"Well, what am I bein' offered here? Really?"

"Nicki, your family loves you-"

"Good. So they'll understand why I'm doin' this."

"I'm not gonna keep this secret for you, Nicki." She looked her dead in the eye. "If you leave, I'm gon' let your brother know and we all know he ain't gon' keep that from you parents."

"I don't even care anymore. Doesn't that tell you somethin'?" She sniffled again. "Tell them, tell everyone. But I promise you my mind won't be changed."

Taylor didn't get chance to interrupt again as Drake started coming to. He'd been out of it for almost forty minutes. Even though he was knocked unconscious, he'd been drifting in and out. Catching parts of their conversation.


*Thanku so those who commented on the previous chapter and I really hope this was okay for you guys!*


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